Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving on...

I'll leave this site live for now for those who wish to look back at old posts, and I'll post a link from Ms. Cassandra Park, The Corporal Consultant. New blogs are now being posted there; please bookmark it and sign up as a regular reader.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Latest news

1. I've agreed to cohost the Paddles OTK munch with my husband, Rad, starting in August. We hope to get lots of people out and make this the best open spanking party in the NY area. I'd especially like to see a lot more MEN come out, especially fellow tops and doms, because there are a LOT of bad girls running amok around Paddles who need attention. I can only handle a few at a time. And I'm busy dealing with the bad boys as well. More details to come...

2. Looks like we will be going to Las Vegas for the Shadow Lane party over Labor Day weekend. Final contracts have not been signed, but as soon as Eve tells us they are we are booking our flight and hotel room. Rooms are an incredible bargain this time; if you have not gone to Shadow Lane yet, it's a wonderful party and I hope this is your time to take the plunge. I'll be topping a lot at this one, and will also be offering deals on private sessions. Stay tuned...

3. I'm working on a new website that will have my blog and all other information about Ms. Cassandra Park. It's not fully loaded yet, but you can take a sneak preview here: Ms Cassandra Park. Please post comments, too!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cranky top

Yesterday I was seriously irritated. I've been working on a new website: For the first time, I have my own domain name, and I'm psyched about that. But I guess I am not as technologically advanced as I thought – after several days of trying, I could not figure out the instructions between the hosting site and the web content site I'm using.

We were planning to go to Paddles. It was the TES spanking group night, and our friend Jules from Strictly Spanking New York was leading a panel about “Having fun in the scene.” We wanted to come out to show our support.

By the time we had to get ready to go, I had not made much more progress on the website. I left the house feeling very annoyed – a vague sense of floating annoyance, where I couldn't tell if it was the unclear instructions or my own denseness causing the issues – and did it matter? -- The project was still not complete. My husband said not to worry; that we would get it resolved. I knew he was right, so I tried to let it go.

The “bright side” of my irritation was that it gave me the perfect head space for topping. I topped a few people last night including a two-part scene with H., who likes to pretty much take whatever I dish out -- I gave him a long caning and ended with a “flourish” -- six with a hard paddle. He squirmed and yelped ... it's nice seeing a sub react!

I also gave a fast and furious bare bottom spanking to Emily, who was poking me, trying to tickle me. God, I hate being tickled. But, she can take a good spanking, and it IS what she wanted, so -- being a nice person -- I delivered.

I did NOT get to top J., one of my favorite subby pain sluts, because he had to leave early. He is assured of a long, hard session soon.

This morning I got an email from the web host's help desk, and it was exactly what I needed. I resolved the problem, and the site is just about ready to go live. Stay tuned for the announcement...

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's my birthday!

And I need presents...

Okay, not really. Although it's always nice. But no need. Really, you shouldn't have! No, no, I protest. Aw...

Okay, enough nonsense. In ANY event, I will be at Paddles NYC tomorrow night for the TES spanking group. I'll probably be giving AND getting birthday spanks. Come say hi!

Ms. C

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To the ladies...

I had a wonderful time at Florida Moonshine over the last five days. It's going to be so hard to return to work this morning, but I'll do my best to focus.

I probably did more topping at this party than I ever had. This time, I had more female friends ask me to play.

There was one particular NY bottom who doesn't NEED to ask -- when Em bratted me in front of others on Saturday night, I had no problem hauling her across my lap, yanking her shorts and panties down, and giving her a long, hard spanking. There was an audience and I think they were appreciative. Someone handed me a hairbrush and I used it, moderately at first. Then someone in the crowd said, "Is she TEXTING?" I looked down and realized she'd taken MY cell phone -- which she claimed had fallen out of my purse -- to call my husband while I was spanking her (I didn't know it was my husband until later, and I'm glad it wasn't anyone else! -- this was okay, as my husband has spanked this particular brat on MANY occasions). I grabbed and shut the phone, put it on the table, picked up the hairbrush again and this time used it for real.

She was sorry -- for a few minutes at least. I really enjoyed getting to play like that.

My other friend M. from California is very feisty but not really bratty. She gets into submissive head space pretty quickly, enjoys pain and can take a LOT -- so I can give her a long session with some of the harder implements but still call it a "good girl" spanking. On Sunday night we got to play and I spanked her with my hand for a while before using two straps on her. Afterward I rubbed her butt, neck, back and shoulders, and then we lay next to each other while I stroked and scratched her back. I hope she liked it -- it felt great to me. She's a cute little thing...

The other female I played with was Caroline, an American from Ireland. My husband had just done a role play with her in our room. Upon emerging, she saw me by the pool and asked if I'd like to play sometime. I said, "How about now?" and took her back into our room. Dad had just punished her; now it was Mom's turn ... I gave her a hand spanking on her bare bottom. Because she'd used bad language, I scared her by bringing out a bar of soap to shove in her mouth. I think that worked well -- but I had not had the chance to ask her beforehand if she would agree to that, so I left it at "next time" and gave her a pass. (I have soaped a few bad boys' mouths before for bad language, mouthing off or lying, so I have no problem doing that to women -- but one must make sure this type of play is acceptable to the bottom first.)

Tomorrow I'll write about some of my F/m scenes over the weekend. They were just as much fun...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Toys, part two

Thank you to the gentleman who bought me one of Kitty's beautiful paddles (Exotic Paddles) last night -- and allowed me to punish him with it afterward. He most certainly deserved it, and I was happy to help. Hope he is feeling it this morning.

To a certain male NY brat who tried to steal my pizza at the suite party -- hope YOU'RE feeling it this morning, too.

To the others I have still to get to -- watch out. I'm itching to use that paddle again, and the new cane I bought from Canes4Pain. NEXT? Bend over!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Florida Moonshine and toys, toys, toys

I want one of these!!

In five days my husband Rad and I will be heading south to Florida, where the semi-annual Florida Moonshine Party is about to take place. I'm preparing clothes and toys now for the journey. Can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones. If you're reading this and are planning to attend, please let me know!

I WILL be topping a lot at this party, but I won't be attended the Saturday morning "Governess Gala" (AKA, Female tops/male bottoms) party. I had a great time at this event last year and got to spank and punish many well-deserving bad boys. But it was scheduled at the same time as the Florida Moonshine "Academy," which I also wanted to attend. This year, I'm indulging my other side and going back to school... my uniform is ready, all I need is a report card.

Meanwhile, I'm debating about which toys to take and which to leave at home. We usually try to keep it light when we pack, taking only a few of our very favorites. This usually comes down to my favorite strap, a medium-density one, and my husband's favorite, which is thicker and more punishing. Most of our straps come from The London Tanners, run by Ian. Ian part of the crew running Florida Moonshine and is a great guy, lots of fun in general and fun (and scary in a good way) to play with. London Tanners sells consistently well-made items and I've been very happy. We have about four "regular" straps from them, a school tawse, and a thin strap that tapers to the end and is extremely nasty to feel -- that's called "The Rat's Tail."

The Rat's Tail by London Tanners -- very nasty!

I'll probably leave my canes at home. I've purchased canes from different sources but I really like the quality of the canes made by WhypDancer of Canes4Pain. I'll have to check whether she'll be selling her wares this year at FMS. WhypDancer allows customers to buy a cane, use it during the weekend event, and then bring it back to her before the end of the party so she can ship it to them. This is a great service for those of us with normal-sized suitcases. She carries a range of items from basic, no-nonsense whippy canes to finely crafted and beautiful items of destruction. Check out these cane handle decorations she's created in her "Crown Jewels" collection.

"Kneeling sub" by Canes4Pane

"Barbed Fairy" by Canes4Pane

Paddles? We'll probably bring one or two. I want to put in a plug for Exotic Paddles, which are made extremely well by my friend Kitty from California. Like everyone else I'm plugging here, Kitty and her husband Bob are real players in the scene and they know what people like from both sides of the coin. I'm pretty sure THIS is the one we have:

"Captain's Paddle" by Exotic Paddles

If any generous sub wants to "gift" me with a toy being sold by one of the vendors at FMS, I will gladly pay him back by using it long and hard on him. Just be careful what you wish for!